With CO-DA Shield, what are my rates for troubleshooting?


If I sign up for a CO-DA Shield plan, what are my rates if I need help? Like what if I call in versus having an issue where I need help onsite?



This is one of the most asked questions we get. The answer is simple; we DO NOT give our clients a pool* of hours for troubleshooting. You get unlimited remote troubleshooting. That means over the phone, via our remote support app, and through our remote monitoring device, we install in your system. Our goal is to fix your system remotely on almost any occasion, and for the most part, we can do that. With modern-day technology, we can diagnose and/or remotely walk our clients through the phone as well. AND ALSO NOT TO MENTION, WE ONLY DIAGNOSE PROBLEMS over the phone with clients who don't have service contracts. We DO NOT troubleshoot to fix the issue. 


Again, it is in our client's best interest and ours to fix the systems remotely. However, there are times we cannot, so we have to result in a truck roll. But our Shield Contract Clients get priority scheduling and HEAVILY discounted rates. We also warranty our fix for 30 days and DO NOT charge the client upfront for the first hour, our company policy for service calls to clients without a contract. 


For more information on our CO-DA Shield Contract Plans, please contact sales@co-da.com or call our office at 1-800-709-2823.


*pool of hours is where a company typically lots a maximum number of hours per monthly contract price. The servicing company won't charge any extra to troubleshoot until the number has been reached. (this is the typical way MSPs work in the IT field. CO-DA doesn't have the patience, time, or desire to confuse their clients to do this. CO-DA offers unlimited remote troubleshooting hours along with remote preventative measures that most clients don't even notice GIVEN for free to the clients who have a Shield Contract.

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