How to Setup Savant 9.4 Spotify Endpoints

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How to Setup Spotify Endpoints in Savant 9.4

The point of this Spotify feature is that the user can open the Spotify app to do just about everything rather than use the Savant app. When updating an older system, you will LOSE all Spotify integration you have seen before from within the Savant App but after using this for a few weeks... its well worth it as the Spotify app is so much better for finding what you want to listen to than the Old Savant Music Interface.

All you have to do to is activate the Spotify connect service in the Music Area. Then to add Endpoints... Go into Music > Settings > Spotify Connect settings and then you will see a button that says “Add Endpoints”

In the add Endpoints section, you can Add Listening
Destinations that will show up in the Spotify App. For
most people, you will just add all the rooms in there
individually so they can stream to whatever room they
are in... In addition you can add multiple areas that you
want to listen to grouped together. If you have a rec room or party type space with multiple zones, you can set it up to stream to all those rooms at the same time at a set volume level. Once you have started playing music in that space, you can control the

volume of the Savant Music Zones from within the Spotify app by using the Volume buttons on the iPhone/iPad.

Here is what the end user will see in the app. They just need to hit that icon in the bottom left of the now playing screen which is named “Devices Available” at which point they will be prompted to stream to any of the Savant Endpoints setup previously. Its VERY VERY fast.. almost instantaneous.

In systems with multiple Savant Music Servers, you can pick and choose which server you want to be available to which area. For example, if you are going to stream to a kids bedroom, you will want to setup the endpoint to stream to that kids music server so you wont override what the parents are listening to on another savant music server.




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